A collection of fashion and art creations.
Fashion projects encompass a diverse range of creative endeavors, from designing small women’s collections to crafting exquisite wedding dresses and wedding hair accessories, as well as creating baby sewing patterns and clothing.
From bold colourful prints, high quality materials to playful shapes of the final garment. Each piece of clothes or accessory is unique.
Every step is creatively designed, thoughtfully developed and sustainably produced.



A collection of flavourful recipes.
Here are you find easy-to-cook to advanced recipes from a culinary journey. For me cooking and eating is where I can focus for a moment. It feels like I have meditate. And I can see when my family or friends enjoying the food, feeling the same… it just become silence for a moment. And of course it’s such an important activity for me during the day. It nearly leads my day, if I have eaten probably, healthy or not.


Discovering the world to be inspired.
Traveling opens the mind of many beautiful treasures of life. It broadens the view of different cultures, nature, people and many more.


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